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What Is Really A Christian Today?

The regarding God, saints and sinners, believers and non-believers, enlightened and unenlightened, awake and asleep have crippled will mind. Can be certainly superiority and inferiority. There is chosen and not-chosen. There's God loves you, sa read more...

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Could Christianity Survive Devoid Of Bible?

According to biblical prophecy, the last pope will be ecumenical (cf.
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Christian Necklaces, Religious Or Fashion News?

The King is responsible for this Empire. We represent the Divine Government of God and our basic mission will be always to tell people that the King loves them, forgives them and desires relationship with them.


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Sneeze Etiquette & God Bless You

The basic premise started on two fronts -- football player and "New Directions" glee club member, Finn Hudson (played by Cory Monteith), makes himself a grilled cheese sandwich. He's about to eat it, as he notices what appears turn ou read more...

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Jesus - The Best Solution?

In about 37 M.E., Herodias' brother, Herod Agrippa, began amassing power throughout Judea. From a fit of jealousy, Herodias convinced her husband to sail to Rome to ask Emperor Caligula for help in. However, she did not realize that Agrippa and read more...

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Parents Be Given The Power To Terminate Hereditary Religion

BH: Tips in the book is primarily directed to storytellers. It focuses on relational nature of storytelling and discusses the significant storytelling techniques and strategies. Having said that, story is story, in whatever form you find it, th read more...

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Parents Have A Power To Stop Hereditary Religion

3 miles to the NW is Linin Gouvia, a large land locked bay. At it's southern end is Gouvia marina which has been Corfu's centre of yachting. It hosts a Venetian arsenal.The location has beeen given to the package holiday presently there are more p read more...